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Isekai Island is our original Fantasy themed Anime series that we are looking to make once we reach our funding goal. We have a live tracker on our website showing our progress so investors can see how soon we will be going into full production. We have hired an amazing screenwriter who has begun writing our screenplays for the season which will each be ten, 30-minutes-long episodes. Our incredible composer, Raj Ramayya, is already at work crafting more fabulous original music for our project and we are in discussions with some of the biggest voice actors in all of Anime.


Episode 101

"A Tale of two sisters"

Written by

Kayla McGinnis


There are puddles on the ground from recent rain. A long merchant caravan passes along the dirt roads through a forest just north of Shotaku. The final carriage has guards walking alongside of it.


A LORD sits alone inside the carriage at the back of the caravan. He may be alone but he fills up the space well. He's in his 40's and wears his age poorly. Shadows of the guards beside him can be seen through the thinly curtained window. The Lord leans back and props his feet up on the seat opposite him. He barks orders to the guards outside.


Hurry it up! How are you all so slow? Do I have to do all the work around here?

LORD (cont'd)

What is the meaning of this?


Sir, the horses have come to an abrupt halt. The merchants cannot calm them down.

LORD (sarcastically)

Oh, well if that's the case then...(angrily) they're horses! Get those horses to move then pull yourself together. If the horses are so much stronger than you I'll slap some armor on them and give them your job!


Sorry sir. Right away, sir!

Isekaiverse team

Creating a Anime show takes imagination, a great story, a wonderful team and lots of money! We hope that the Isekaiverse family will want to see us succeed and get our show made which will then help power our Isekaiverse token to even greater success. Merchandising, games, conventions, soundtrack, cosplay competitions and much more will be fabulous tools for marketing this project. Please stay tuned for more updates as we strive to make the most exciting Anime series you have seen, all powered by Isekaiverse!

Island of dreams featuring Lotus Juice