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Lady Aloysia, once a distinguished member of the High Erufen Council, now serves as Princess Sukimi’s teacher. Lady Aloysia has experience handling herself both on the battlefield and during diplomatic discussions. She became Sukimi’s teacher at request of the late Queen, and as a means of strengthening the Meta human-high elf alliance. Aloysia is tough on Sukimi on the training grounds, but a friend to her outside of sparring. At first, Aloysia found Sukimi to simply be ignorant and entitled. But, Aloysia found herself growing fond of Sukimi’s perseverance and unfaltering curiosity. As the interests of the Golden Kingdom and Erufen Shinrin have begun to differ, Aloysia is being pressured to choose where her true loyalties lie. For now, Aloysia will continue to stay at Princess Sukimi’s side.

Lady Aloysia

Lady Katakana

Queen Pixlia

Lady Akia Manto


Lady Shistrike


The fantasy Isekai Island is home to an assortment of fantasy creatures, heroes, and villains. Meta Humans are the most common form of creature on the island as they possess great powers and can wield magic with access to mystical weapons. Erufu come in light and dark versions, have vast magical powers, and live for thousands of years. Ogres are a much rarer creature with only a small clan now left on the island. They have vast superhuman strength, a thick hide which is incredibly tough to penetrate, and wield oversized brute weapons. Pixies are also a very rare species and, while tiny, pack a huge punch. They’ve lived for thousands of years as a force for good, and, as the most powerful magic wielders, they control all colors of magical energy.